Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vinsanity's 2000 Dunk contest dunks

Every year it seems as if people yawn through the All-star slam dunk contest.
Going back and seeing Vince Carter in 2000, it shows that if those damn athletes would just have a think about the bloody dunk they could come up with some clever jams!

Check out the four dunks that Carter pulled off in 2000. Pretty darn good.

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  1. This year's AllStar Slam Dunk was a snorefest all right... but all the events lacked hype... although the game itself was pretty good - the Skills Challenge was the most entertaining of the other events cos Nash brought some charisma to it...

    What the hell was up with Gerald Wallace and Shannon Brown? Just goes to show that some players aren't creative at all...but in the flow of the game they come up with some crazy stuff because it's that combo of athletic ability, reflex and intuition.


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